Yes! Yoga is the only way.


I really enjoyed the classes with Subhendu. He is a dedicated and passionate teacher that will work with his students at the level they are in. Subhendu is great at tailoring his classes to meet the needs and abilities of his students, providing challenges, and helping them develop their practice. The sessions were truly authentic and provided space for reconnecting with my inner strength and spirit in a supportive educational environment. Learning with
Subhendu helped me improve and develop my practice. I strongly recommend having him as a teacher!


Attending Yogacharya Subhendu Roy sir’s classes was a great learning experience. Every class has challenging asanas and always pushed me beyond my limits which resulted in building strength, flexibility, and inquisitiveness to practice more.I would definitely recommend his classes and feeling blessed to be his student.

My humble Pranams to Sir. 🙏🏼

Savita, Delhi 🇮🇳

Subhendu sir is a thoughtful and skilled teacher. Every pose he guides you through has a purpose, and he takes care to tie poses back to functional movements that help you in your everyday life. I’ve learned something new in every one of Subhendu sir’s classes, and would highly recommend his classes to anyone who wants to feel better in and outside of yoga class.”…,, His classes are designed to help you engage your muscles (especially your core!) and use them properly in order to find stability in a more challenging pose. My favorite part is the savasana or resting pose at the end of class because I truly feel relaxed after engaging my mind and my body . One unique part of Subhendu sir’s class is chanting during Shavasana which I like most .. it relaxes all your body and connected your soul to the divine. I am really thankful to practice with and learn a lot from him …

I highly recommend Yogacharya Subhendu sir’s class to all 🙏🏻

Reema,Gujarat 🇮🇳

Yogacharya Subhendu is very well experienced in different types of yoga and is a true Yogi to learn from also getting inspired by his Yogic lifestyle.

His class seems to be quite simple but very effective and is very easy to understand the instructions.

It’s unbelievable how he makes us easily get into complicated Asanas.

Noy, Laos

I am so proud and grateful that practicing Yoga Online under Yogacharya Subhendu.

I achieved a big milestone and nowadays can do many Advance Asanas easily.
I used to practice Yoga with Another Teacher even offline in my country, but there was no success.

Yogacharya Subhendu is a very knowledgeable and professional Yoga Guru.
His Teaching style is absolutely unique and so different from others.
I would say that he totally Transformed my life.

Now I’m Totally a New person.

All the credit goes to My Guru Yogacharya Subhendu

Harika, Telangana 🇮🇳

Namaste sir

You are a wonderful teacher, covered all the topics like back bending, hip opening, twisting, power vinyasa, Hatha flow,  pigeon series, hand balancing and so many.. and I really like the words you said in the class to motivate us. I’ve learned so many things from you sir and improved my arm strength & core strength.. my favorite part is savasana and the chants during savasana at the end of the class because I truly feel relaxed.

I’m really thankful to you sir.